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Tax Forgiveness on that 1099

 · A copy of Form 1099-C is sent to you and to the irs. generally speaking, when you receive a Form 1099-C, you were supposed to include the amount forgiven in your income. However, the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act provides key exceptions.

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The IRS gets involved in mortgage principal write-downs because the federal tax code generally treats any forgiveness. the lender is required by law to issue you an IRS Form 1099-C, a "Cancellation.

The bank accepted an offer from a buyer and the short sale is about to close.I filled out the Form 1099 the escrow. will hit me with a huge tax bill (as though I earned income on this short sale –.

Form 1099s can be sent up to three years after the debt was cancelled, which may result in your having to amend that year’s tax returns. Once reported on a 1099, you are required by law to report this income on your tax returns and both the IRS and state includes the amount of cancelled debt as taxable income.

The IRS provides for three different types of tax relief, depending on why you got hit with the penalty. You can request relief due to reasonable.

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Her lender had dutifully submitted a Form 1099-C to the IRS, alerting the agency to the. of the impact on financially stressed homeowners, however. The Mortgage Cancellation Tax Relief Act of 2007.

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If your lender cancels or forgives your mortgage debt, you generally have to pay tax on that amount. The lender is required to report the amount of canceled debt to you and the IRS on a Form 1099-C,

Tax Considerations for Cancellation-of-Debt Income. Since the general rule provides that COD income is recognized even though there are no actual cash proceeds, absent certain exclusions to the recognition of COD income that are discussed below, the tax liability on COD income could create liquidity issues for a.