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HAMP is a government-backed program designed to help homeowners who might be struggling with paying their monthly mortgage payments. If you are struggling to make your mortgage payments (or are already behind), have a horrible credit score, and find it impossible to work with reputable lenders you.

The Making Home Affordable program of the United States Treasury was launched in 2009 as part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program. The main activity under.

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 · HAMP program extended until December 31, 2013. The new proposals will allow for other more debt to be included in the DTI ratio. The new proposed HAMP guidelines will encourage more mortgage principal reduction. President Obama released another White Paper on January 27, 2012 with a number of new.

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HAMP was launched back in 2009 to help delinquent homeowners (or those in danger of falling behind) keep up with mortgage payments. The program has reduced monthly mortgage payments for over a million borrowers via interest rate reductions, extended mortgage terms, and in some cases, principal balance reductions..

In early 2009, Treasury launched the Making Home Affordable Program (MHA) to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure. MHA is only one part of the Obama Administration’s broader efforts to strengthen the housing market. Since its inception, MHA has helped homeowners avoid foreclosure by.