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Florida’s High-Speed Answer to a Foreclosure Mess

It is damn near impossible for a pro se litigant; even a very good one, to beat a foreclosure case in Florida. Experienced attorneys, who do this all day, every day still eventually lose 99% of the time. Foreclosure attorneys are cheap, all things considered.

Condo that’s going to foreclosure with a 2nd on it can the 2nd bank garnish your wages? Probably. Any debt you owe, if unpaid for a period, can result in garnishment of your wages.

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Florida’s High-Speed Answer to a Foreclosure mess · Ripoff Report on: foreclosure defense law center – Foreclosure defense law center took my money and did nothing but put me in ft lauderdale florida. Foreclosure Defense Law Center Took My Money and Did Nothing but put me in FORECLOSURE Ft. Lauderdale, Florida *Consumer Comment. don’t.

The article, Florida’s High-Speed Answer to a Foreclosure Mess, discusses Florida’s new foreclosures-only courts that have been set up to reduce the state’s backlog of foreclosures. It is arguable whether these courts are constitutional and whether they violate homeowners’ rights to due process.

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High-speed rail amendment. On the November 5, 2000 general election, voters approved a citizens initiative referendum to amend the Florida Constitution to require the construction of a Florida high-speed corridor statewide rail system connecting all of the state’s major cities.

And some of this stuff isn’t complete – it’s not giving all the info that a florida home owner facing foreclosure needs to know. It’s a big mess right now, and things are complicated in the law today because of all the robosigning and bad paper filed by banks and other things. Having a Florida lawyer keeping up with the developments is a good.

This has severely backed up the court system – it’s just inundated with foreclosure cases. This past Sunday, the New york times ran the story "Florida’s High-Speed Answer to a Foreclosure Mess," it was the front-page of the business section. It’s not just a hot topic in Florida, but a matter that has plagued our entire country.

A foreclosure on your block can do more than spoil the view from your window. A foreclosed eyesore can ruin the financial health of your household and neighborhood.